Dr. Angelo Tsirbas and the team here at Jamison Street Specialist Clinic are operating in innovative new ways during the weeks of mandated isolation. We have had lots of experience conducting Telehealth Consultations. Many of our patients come to us from interstate and overseas so we are thankful to have these practices and procedures already in place. All of the same patient protection and privacy rules apply so if you have been considering Oculoplastic Surgery or just want some information don’t hesitate to call.

How do I make an appointment?

Book an appointment by phone or email. Call 1300 37 87 47 or simply click the link to email: [email protected].

How much will it cost?

During these unprecedented times we know that everyone is watching their expenditures closely. We would like to extend a half price consultation offer for the month of April. The usual fee of $300 will be reduced to $150 and if you send a referral from your physician you may get a rebate of $75.05 from Medicare. We are booking surgeries for patients with urgent conditions such as cancer now and are tentatively booking non urgent surgeries for when we beat the Pandemic and flatten the curve later in the year. At the time of your in person consultation when the lockdown is eased there will be no charge.

How does it work?

Once you have made an appointment with our team we will decide which platform you’re comfortable to meet on…Skype or FaceTime are the ones we use the most. You will receive a call from our team at the appointment time and they will then pass/patch you over to Dr. Tsirbas. He will discuss your individual problems and issues and come up with a customised individualised solution to achieve your ideal outcome. It’s very helpful if you send photos before hand of yourself when you were younger so that he can see the natural rejuvenated results we are aiming for. The call will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. In most cases he can have a good idea of the initial diagnosis and management and we will then schedule an in rooms appointment after the movement restrictions are lifted.

What if I can’t Skype or FaceTime?

For patients who do not wish to Skype or FaceTime we will ask you to send photos and Dr. Tsirbas will call you and discuss your case over the phone.

Please stay safe and call us if you would like more information.